A comprehensive guide to ecommerce loyalty programs — SwiftERM

What Is an eCommerce Loyalty Program?

  • A redefined buying process, to make online shopping feel seamless
  • Incentivized customer profiling, to generate richer data and boosts other marketing activities, such as personalization
  • Experiential rewards and VIP benefits, to increase overall customer lifetime value
  • Special interest clubs, to build communities and emphasize exclusivity
  • Viral social media contests, to encourage word of mouth and build trust

Best Loyalty Program Features for eCommerce Companies

1. Loyalty Program Types That Fit Your Business

Point-based loyalty programs

Tiered loyalty programs

Perk programs

Hybrid programs

Subscription-based loyalty programs

2. Loyalty Program Approaches to Stay Relevant

Engage customers outside of the buying cycle


Membership page

Multicurrency, multilingual

3. Advanced Loyalty Logic for Next-Level Engagement


Offer management

Instagram contests

Customer profiling

Incentivised reviews

VIP clubs

Example: IKEA Family from IKEA

  • There are surprise & delight offers that are sent out as emails
  • Members have access to free workshops and events
  • Free Oops-assurance (If something breaks during transport or while assembling IKEA furniture)
  • Members also receive free tea and filtered coffee at their stores

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