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The top 3 challenges for online sales in the wine industry

  1. Alcohol laws and regulations vary state-to-state in the US — this restricts the transportation of wine to consumers and makes logistical challenges even more of an issue.
  2. Managing order fulfillment online becomes complicated with these regulatory constraints and additional factors like temperature control requirements paired with consumers’ growing demand for next-day and same-day delivery.
  3. The last mile of delivery is a particularly tough barrier across the industry, attributed to the need for ID verification and challenges associated with weather-related hiccups. While a large group of startups are dedicated to solving this issue, the industry has failed to perfect the last step of this process so far.

Why capitalise on digital innovation in addition to wine e-commerce?

1. Technical innovation is everywhere, but not enough businesses are adopting it

2. Customer demand is setting a new bar for digital success

3. D2C sales are the avenue for excellence (especially for small businesses)

4. The e-commerce market isn’t yet cornered

  • Industry leader, Naked Wines, say revenues have grown by 80% in the last six months, and D2C sales with businesses like Winc are seeing major success.
  • A leader in wine delivery services, Drizly, saw its revenue grow by 61.8%.

5. Wine e-commerce web stores are decades behind UX expectations

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