A profitable and necessary addition to your marketing mix

David Swift
3 min readJul 2, 2020


SwiftERM is a highly profitable and necessary addition to your marketing mix: Your time is precious so we will make this brief. Our ten-second pitch below is to get you to consider us “not” another stick to beat your customers with, but rather an assimilation of each consumer’s needs, wants, desires and passions, by which to add untapped additional profits into your coffers.

Consider the typical consumer marketing cycle:

The Email software sector alone has morphed into many more, increasingly sophisticated cells.

SwiftERM concentrates exclusively on each individual consumer. Using predictive analytics, we show each one the products identified as those they individually are most likely to buy next. But, and it’s a big BUT, we clear space around it. Making it an oasis in a sea of your marketing campaign themes, copy, offers, incentives etc by removing the means by which you can include any of those things. The evident success of the results speaks for themselves. It is 100% automatic so there are zero staff overheads, it delivers negligible returns rates, the average uplift us between 3.5–10.5% in attributed online turnover — dependent on your vertical, and it has over half the suppression rate to that of any promotional email software does. A quadruple whammy, regardless of the size of your company. The effect is incredible, and we think, but for bringing it to your attention, that it’s too big to be ignored. It is indeed email-remarketing, on an individual consumer basis, with phenomenal results!

Your role is already cast in this, as simply being perceptive enough to appreciate that not everything you do need be at full-throttle. The consumer has infinite pressures and is pulled in a myriad of directions causing a cacophony of chaos in their lives already, without needing more.

Consider your own life, work, kids, mortgage, credit cards, holiday, cars, relatives, TV, books, food, health, the list is endless. And yet in among all this, your customers find time for loyalty to you. Both what you stand for and offer to them. Be that nurtured by existing strategies, perception or furthered by the introduction of new elements such as ours. It doesn’t ever standstill.

We have made SwiftERM so that you can’t corral it into your house template campaign design theme, it would defeat our purpose. Our emails belong to your consumers, not you. The positives are that the email content comes from your site. The pictures — your images, your body content for each SKU, with price and link to that item on your site. The consumer is reassured by your identity, with you as the sender; sent directly to their inbox, to be opened at their leisure and convenience dispassionately.

They already get your company. We mean, they “get it”, as in what you are trying to achieve, and do for them. You know that, because first and foremost they are already your customers, with varying degrees of loyalty. They already enjoy your products, offers, strategy, how you visualize yourself and the language you use, plus how and when you talk to them. Consider then in addition, and ever so quietly and subtly, they also receive one more email each month from you. Without any furore, it simply presents the products which, identified by their buying history and ever-changing impressions, have the greatest probability for that individual buying, but for us asking. That’s it time up.

Originally published at https://www.swifterm.com on July 2, 2020.



David Swift

Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.