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David Swift
2 min readJan 28, 2021

10 immediate benefits — a new revenue stream, maximised CLV, increased AOV, reduced RoR, higher CTR, greater open-rate, drastically lower suppressions, free trial, 100% automatic, maximum ROI*

The system is offered to all ecommerce retailers entirely FREE until we prove it works.

We offer all retailers full use of the system for 30-days for free, so you can establish the viability of the solution for yourself, on your website. Results come in very quickly, and we usually see profits within a few days.

The trial only begins when the system is fully installed and populated, so you get the greatest opportunity for maximum return. We are offering this additional facility for you to use untapped information from your existing consumers to generate additional revenue.

SwiftERM works 24/7 and has additional benefits. It nurtures consumer loyalty, minimises return rates, increases basket value, offers greater open-rates and CTR, and reduces suppressions. It is consumer-centric, focused just on what they will buy in addition to their usual purchases but for the opportunity.

To prove it works we offer a free month’s trial, no lock-in, simply walk away if it doesn’t work — but it will. The immediate profits ensure you are never out of pocket, therefore you don’t need a budget upfront. To further guarantee accuracy we work closely with analytics partners for greater clarity of its effectiveness if required.

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David Swift

SwiftERM hyper-personalisation SaaS for ecommerce email marketing.