Developing profitable partnerships for ecommerce SwiftERM

Ensure Your Partners Work Together

Augment Machine Learning with Human Touches

  • If you have a product in high stock and you need to push inventory, you can arrange them to appear earlier
  • Or, you have a high priced product that could anchor pricing and increase your AOV. (We have quite a few merchants who apply this tactic, based on behavioral economics — a great topic to read up on in general)
  • There might be products that even though they don’t sell well, but act as a “brand maker” or “image creator” for the store; merchandisers like to place these products on top to communicate a certain message
  • And lastly, sometimes you have products that are very similar, but one of them has great margins; you can push those high margin products to the top, to optimize your bottom line

Prioritize Ecommerce Data Hygiene

  • Keep your inventory and product information up to date
  • Make sure that your product descriptions and details are current and accurate



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David Swift

David Swift


Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.