Developing profitable partnerships for ecommerce SwiftERM

Ensure Your Partners Work Together

If you have dozens of providers, you’ll never have time to manage each one and know them in-depth. But if you have a handful of providers that talk to each other and work together, then you can really spend time working and understanding how they properly fit into your business, and how you can optimize each one.

Augment Machine Learning with Human Touches

“After I install it, I don’t ever want to touch it. I just want it to be useful by itself.”

  • Or, you have a high priced product that could anchor pricing and increase your AOV. (We have quite a few merchants who apply this tactic, based on behavioral economics — a great topic to read up on in general)
  • There might be products that even though they don’t sell well, but act as a “brand maker” or “image creator” for the store; merchandisers like to place these products on top to communicate a certain message
  • And lastly, sometimes you have products that are very similar, but one of them has great margins; you can push those high margin products to the top, to optimize your bottom line

Prioritize Ecommerce Data Hygiene

Garbage in, garbage out …

  • Make sure that your product descriptions and details are current and accurate



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