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Ecommerce marketing tactics for advanced retailers. This is an article for established ecommerce brands that are looking to take their marketing to the next level. This is for brands that have implemented the fundamentals of effective digital marketing and are ready to continue driving the scalable, predictable growth of their store.

Embrace Technology

This may not be a tactic suited for the beginning of an advanced ecommerce marketing article. It may not even technically be a tactic. BUT, almost all of the following advanced ecommerce marketing tactics tie back to openly embracing new technologies or new uses for your existing tech.

Discovering, testing, and implementing technologies that support the achievement of your business goals should be at the core of your ecommerce marketing strategy. Your entire ecommerce business revolves around the successful use of a wide variety of tech. Without it, your business couldn’t operate at nearly the same level of efficiency.

That said, we’re willing to bet a hefty sum that there are new and exciting technologies, features, or functionalities that could have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, not to mention the long-term success of your ecommerce brand.

You may even find that there are new ways to use existing tech to support new goals or deliver a higher level of operational efficiency. In any case, be sure to continually be on the hunt for new and exciting technologies that present a new opportunity to support your long-term success.

Remarket to Customers Based on Purchase Data

We mentioned using tried-and-true technologies in new ways to improve your ecommerce marketing performance. Let’s start with one of the most important.

You know by now that remarketing is one of the most powerful tools at an ecommerce advertiser’s disposal. It dramatically increases customer lifetime value (CLTV) and, in return, your overall ROI. But are you using it to the full extent of its capabilities?

If you’re not remarketing to your previous customers based on purchase data, specifically purchase date and amount, we’d say no.

Segment those of your customers that haven’t purchased in 90–180 days, for example, and further segment that list by order value. Your best customers (typically those who have the highest order values and frequency) are customers you want to keep, so send them a special offer.

Most stores send discount codes to disengaged customers because it’s highly effective, but think of ways to take that to the next level.

It makes sense to send customers with lower order averages a discount, but why not send $20 or more of zero-obligation credit to your best customers to keep them engaged in your funnel? They may buy more than that $20 with their next order, they may not. The point is that they are highly engaged with your store and that could be very valuable when it comes to future orders.

Content Retargeting

Retargeting isn’t simply for pushing purchase intent ads to your website visitors. Take the pressure off and try providing a new level of value instead.

By sharing highly valuable content with them, you may find your previous website visitors re-engaging with your brand in a more organic way than would have ever been possible. Be sure that you’re tracking the lifecycle of your visitors, leads, and customers in order to ensure you’re displaying the right type of content for their buyer’s journey stage.

This is especially effective when attempting to bring otherwise disengaged shoppers back into your funnel. By doing so you may instead be able to nurture them toward an eventual conversion.

Establish a “Daily Specials” Program

This one is surprisingly underutilized in most ecommerce marketing strategies. Daily specials are a great way to create a sense of urgency, both in your advertising and for organic visitors. The specials do, however, have to change daily for this to be truly effective in the long term.

That’s because the overarching goal of this tactic is to get people coming back to check on your daily specials on their own. Rather than having to pay for ads, you simply train them to check in for what’s on special for the day. What makes this even more effective is to create a specific email list for your daily specials. People opt in as a way of being exposed to your new deals of the day, and you get a highly engaged segment of your customer base.

Originally published at on February 8, 2021.



Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.

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David Swift

Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.