Email metrics and KPIs to measure success — SwiftERM

Basic and advanced email metrics

Open rate

Email read rate or read time

Click-through rate (CTR)

Click-to-open rate (CTOR)

Unsubscribe rate

Bounce rate

Spam complaint rate

Deliverability rate or inbox placement rate

Conversion rate (CVR)

Revenue per email (RPE)

Revenue per subscriber (RPS)

Subscriber lifetime value (LTV)

Return on investment (ROI)



Email list size or growth rate

Subscriber acquisition cost

Email production time

  • Actual time to complete each task (e.g. 90 minutes to code one email)
  • Time period from email conception to execution (e.g. 14 days to create and send one email)

Email mistakes or error rate

Tracking the right email KPIs matters



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