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Ecommerce Activities of USA Internet Users

As per research from multiple sources, most of the US people love to find a product and service using the internet rather than going stores physically. In last year, around 80% of the people made the purchase. The number has come from both laptops and smartphones. Here, we prepared a comprehensive report to let you know about the overall activities of USA internet users for e-commerce.

Most Emerging Ecommerce Spend by Category

Ecommerce trends are changing with time and taste. It’s not constant always. As per the researched data from Statista, the travel and accommodation category spend the largest amount till the beginning of the year 2020. After that Fashion and Beauty, Electronics & Physical Media, Toys, DIY, & Hobbies, Furniture & Appliances, and other categories come to the list.

Most Used Social Media Platforms in USA

Fastest Growing Online Stores in United States

Among thousands of growing online stores, we picked some of the most unique and popular ones on our list. Let’s have a look one by one!

1. Zaful

Zaful is among the leading online fashion brands loved by millions of people around the world. Apart from the USA, it delivers products to more than 260 countries. From the design, quality, and pricing, you will be a true fan of its creations after checking out its hot collections. Besides this, to get the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing, their Facebook page may assist you as a good resource. Since the beginning, it has crossed the landmark of 8.3 million followers and growing up rapidly.


IPSY comes with a view to inspire individuals to express their beauty. It’s one of the largest beauty community, started its journey back in the year 2011 in California, USA. Since then, millions of people are trying IPSY to discover themselves with a beautiful smile. It provides the latest products from brands and allows you to choose the suitable one from them at affordable prices. Their community in social platforms is booming day by day and creating a great impact on their business growth.

3. Steam

Steam is a digital platform for discussing, creating, playing games with over 100 million gamers around the world. It was developed by Valve Corporation in 2003. This platform offers exclusive deals on more or less 30000 games. Besides video game streaming and chat functionality, it also provides automatic updates and features regularly. In social media, Steam has a large community where you will find the news of its latest products and offers.

4. ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle comes with a view to making women look exceptional and stylish through gorgeous shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. In the year 2009, it was founded by the world-famous model and media personality Kim Kardashian and three other businessmen. ShoeDazzle has a great collection of footwear products, including heeled and flat sandals, wedges, pumps, sneakers, boots, bootles, and many more. Besides the types, it sells varieties of clothing, boutiques, bags & accessories products at affordable prices.

5. The Mint Julep Boutique

Are you in search of trendy dresses, rompers & jumpsuits, shorts, kimonos, boots & booties, swimwear, and so on? The Mint Julep Boutique has covered all the items along with heavenly handbags, hats & sunglasses, bracelets, and adorable shoes. You will definitely love its flawless style of products and impeccable service. With 4.1 million followers, its Facebook page provides the latest products and offers regularly for the customers. And, the community is increasing every day with new hope.

6. BookBub

BookBub is a large online community, especially for book readers. It provides unbeatable deals in different popular categories, including Bestselling, Biography, Contemporary Romance, Cozy Mystery, and Crime Fiction. You will also find the most popular books on Business, Fantasy, History, Parenting, Science Fiction, Thriller, and Horror. All the lists are being updated in time so that readers get the latest edition of their preferred items.

7. Get It Free

Get It Free shows a unique e-commerce business strategy that offers freebies, samples, coupons, and sweepstakes. It lets you find the best deals at the competitive prices from your favorite brands. The policy of ‘Get It Free’ is made to save the money of consumers. That’s the reason it has been booming with its social media platforms. On Facebook, it got a huge engagement having more than 3.5 million followers within a short period.

8. Rotita

Rotita is another online fashion destination for smart women. It has an extensive collection of high-quality products from different categories. The most amazing fact is that you will get them at reasonable prices. It has a wide variety of products, including Lace & Mini Dresses, Tees & T-shirts, Sweaters & Cardigans, Pants & Skirts, Jumpsuits & Rompers, Jewelry, and more. To let the customers know the updates, it regularly posts the latest news on Facebook. Till now, it has already over 3.4 million followers there.

9. Bodybuilding

Started more than two decades ago, has been turned into a great resource for health fitness, fitness accessories, and necessary supplements. It works as a personal trainer and provides possible technology, tools, and support as well. Besides these, you will also get free guidelines through their videos and articles. This is how it helps the audience and became the most-visited fitness site around the world.

10. Rosewe

Once again, Rosewe brings a unique way to represent fashionable clothing for trendy and smart women. It’s an online apparel store selling amazing Women Clothes, Jumpsuits & Rompers, Shorts, Shoes, Sweaters & Cardigans, Swimwear, and beautiful jewelry items. The design, style, and quality are maintained keeping the targeted audience in mind. That’s the reason, the community is growing up every day.

11. Hulu

Hulu is one of the leading and most popular online streaming services for TV and movies. The Walt Disney Company is the owner of this digital distribution media. It allows users access to most of the linked shows from the US broadcast network. This is the ideal place where all the hit TV series and films you will get together in a box. As per the report, it has gained 30.7 million paid subscribers until February 2020.

12. Amazon Fashion

In the industry of e-commerce, Amazon is the most popular name worldwide. It covers all the possible trendy fashion materials for both men, women, and kids. You can pick from any of your preferred brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Denim, Goodthreads, Lark & Ro, Champion, and many more. It offers the hottest deals by price and by your choice as well. Like the other international brands, it has also a large community on various social media, including Facebook. Its Facebook page has crossed the landmark of 3.1 million followers and still growing up.

13. BarkBox

BarkBox comes with a view to making the world better for dogs and the people who love to be with them. It helps you get the best products, including toys, foods, accessories, and more for them. All the things you will get in a box (known as BarkBox) at a reasonable price. In addition, it offers free shipping inside the 48 United States. Besides this, it has different platforms to serve the dogs for their possible betterment. Some of them are likely Bark Bright for dental care for bad dog breath, Bark Shop to find the best stuff, Bark Park- an outdoor clubhouse, and Bark Retail for having the seasonal collections for them.

14. The Bradford Exchange

Are you searching for unique and meaningful gifts for your family, friends, and beloved ones on a budget? The Bradford Exchange helps you get what’s on your heart and bring the most joyful experience. It has a huge collection of various Jewelry & Watches, Apparel, Bags, & Shoes, Wall Décor, Sculptures, Trains & Accessories, Baby Dolls, Gold & Silver Coins, and many more. You will get the latest news on Facebook page where more than 2.9 million audiences belong there.

Wrapping Up

USA is undoubtedly the world’s most developed market in terms of e-commerce business compared with other regions. Thousands of companies are trying to pull themselves to dominate the online industry. We tried to showcase the top fastest-growing e-commerce businesses there along with some statistical data. It also includes their Facebook data that represents the engagement and popularity in social media. So, is there anything we missed out here? Let’s share your findings to enrich the list we shared.

We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy

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