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  • Or Mishal

    Or Mishal

    Or Mishal is a composer, guitarist and is an enthusiastic supporter of young and anonymous musicians worldwide. For more, visit http://ormishal.net

  • The Wine Files

    The Wine Files

  • Laurence Zimmermann

    Laurence Zimmermann

    Founder & CEO of FractalMax. Helping entrepreneurs to create success online and make an impact. Mindset - Skillset - Toolset https://www.fractalmax.com

  • Rushikesh Patil

    Rushikesh Patil

    Hey Guys, How is it going ? I am Rushikesh, writing topics on, . 1) Technology 2) Start Up 3) Marketing . Follow me to Upgrade Yourself 😊

  • Marvic tal-fin Bajada

    Marvic tal-fin Bajada

  • l.a. socol

    l.a. socol

    Goal=1000. Graduate student in California, avid reader, and lifelong learner.

  • Jeannot Muller

    Jeannot Muller

    Managing director at teccompanion.com, physician, founder, developer and blogger.

  • Owen W.

    Owen W.

    Making money. Writing. Fitness. Travel. Motivation. Music. A few sports and some gaming.

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