Personalisation what’s really going on? — SwiftERM

  • What an ideal personalised experience should look like (check out McKinsey’s take on what shoppers really want from personalised marketing)
  • Which retailers do personalisation best (Amazon regularly , as do some non-retailers like Spotify)

What is personalisation and how does it work?

Everyone is unique — we learn it when we’re young, and we’re constantly reminded of the little idiosyncrasies that make humanity so varied. Today, retailers are beginning to realise they can leverage the personal elements of each customer to create a truly curated experience.

Why it’s time to update your approach

There’s a reason that conversations about personalisation are everywhere. It’s because retailers, and especially frontline marketers who handle channels like email, personalisation is important. In fact, more than 90% of US retailers rate personalisation as at least somewhat important to their business goals.

The retail personalisation gap

As it turns out, the real retail personalisation story no longer centers on the why or even the abstract how, but rather on the nitty gritty of moving from a strategic vision to reality. We need to tell this story — and more importantly, solve this problem — now because we’ve hit a personalisation gap.



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