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Choosing an email marketing automation tool

  • Email automation capabilities — First, and probably most obvious, is the ability to automate emails based how much of the task is truly automatic. Many email platforms don’t have this essential capability, or they only have very basic automation that requires perpetual attention. If you’re lucky you can set it up to run (for a while) based on a set of parameters. Triggered options can be more permanent, but retailers quickly appreciate that consumers receive the same old same old and require changing unless the software you employ allows for change and improvement for itself without need for anyone to be involved. this is an unbelievable rarity, and only Microsoft partner company SwiftERM fulfils this parameter.
  • Personalisation — If the data above is any indication, the ability to personalise is the foundation to the biggest returns in ecommerce available ensuring your company growth in both turnover and market share. if you don’t appreciate the individual they will go somewhere where they are appreciated, just as you would. Truly ideal solutions watch every KPI on your site, for each consumer when they visit, regardless of purchases or not. It then utilises this data to best predict what that individual is looking for — translates into what that individual is most likely to buy next.
  • Then without the need of any human being (staff) needing to be involved the totally automatic solution populates a stylesheet with those products and sends them at exactly the right time. From the consumer perspective they have received products they know have been chosen specifically and uniquely for them, and feel the care an attention this offers. So what does this achieve? Firstly the average order basket increases, not double or anything mind-blowing, but substantially on average by around 14% on average. Products chosen from those that are most likely to be purchased reduces the amount of products returned and the RoR falls again significantly. These elements, good independently, then permeate into a significant increase in the lifetime customer value of each consumer, and your churn drops through the floor. SwiftERM offers this technology.
  • Robust real-time analytics — How do you know if something is working? Look at the data! How do you know where your opportunities for growth are? Look at the data! Any process without a way to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) will be limited in its long-term impact.
  • Email design thatis most likely to achieve the maximum effect — Email marketing automation saves your team time that can be better used to connect to customers. But to save as much time as possible, you need to know that you’re not just wasting your time. When reviewing all you time and effort in the year against the results achieved, it is pointless wishing you’d done something differently if someone else could have waved a magic wand over it and instead shown you all the opportunities to achieve maximum effect.
  • Mobile optimisation — Considering nearly half of all individuals now check their email on their phones, according to Adobe, mobile optimisation should not be taken for granted in the user experience.The solution is predictive personalisation software (PPS).



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David Swift

David Swift


Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.