Tech entrepreneurs changing the world of wine — SwiftERM

  • Silicon Valley’s Michael Baum (with the aforementioned Vivant)
  • Microsoft’s Eric LeVine (with the CellarTracker operating system for cellar management)
  • Palantir’s Alex Fishman, PayPal’s Max Levchin and Yammer’s David Sacks (all with Delectable, the wine label scanner app)
  • Banking’s Grant Ashton (67 Pall Mall)
  • Computer science’s Tommy Nordam Jensen (with WiV, the wine asset platform powered by blockchain)
  • Indian digital talent search’s Prateek M Srivastava (with Terraview, the operating system and dashboard for vineyard management)
  • Anti-virus software’s Heini Zachariassen (peer-to-peer wine rating system Vivino)
  • Medical device and therapeutics’ Greg Lambrecht (wine access system Coravin)
  • Physics’ Dr Cici Muldoon (VeriVin, which enables wine to be analysed ‘through-barrier’ — that is, without opening the bottle, tackling the challenges of fake and faulty wine).



Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.

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