The future of personalisation in digital marketing — SwiftERM

What is Personalisation in Marketing?

State of the Personalisation Market

Some Challenges Persist

Why Digital Marketing Personaliation Matters

Digital Marketing Personalisation Best Practices

1. Embrace a Data-Driven Mindset

2. Maintain Clean Data

3. Invest in Activation and Analytics

4. Choose the Right MarTech

5. Follow an Agile Operating Model

Future Personalisation Trends


One-to-One Communications

AI-Driven Personalisation

  • Chatbots using natural language processing and machine learning are able to understand context in a sentence, and can carry on full conversations with a customer.
  • AI can direct customers towards content they need and provide targeted, personal responses, and personalize content based on purchase history, customer service tickets, and other behaviors.
  • AI allows brands to provide customers with personalised ads based on demographics, purchase history, and browsing.
  • Recommendation engines are able to surface products and services based on a customer’s previous purchase history.
  • AI-powered customer sentiment analysis analyzes voice, images, and behavior to better understand emotional states.

Looking Forward



Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.

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