The personalisation SaaS that takes the strain out of email marketing.

Imagine knowing in advance exactly what each of your consumers are most likely to buy next, and be able to present those products to them at exactly the right time. How much more would you make? This is predictive personalisation and, according to both McKinsey and Statista, is the most lucrative of all income streams in ecommerce today!

The biggest fallacy, which is totally unsubstantiated, that many want to believe, is that their ESP does the same thing — whereas the truth is that none of them do. Sure, some of the things they do sound the same, but an deep dive always results in an epiphany for the researcher, unless they don’t want to hear the truth. SwiftERM is the personalisation SaaS, delivering as much as 20x the return of segmenting, triggered and omnichannel software combined.

Using a predictive analytics algorithm on all the data captured on your site, it calculates which products are most likely to be bought next by each individual consumer, and presents them at exactly the right time. Analysing impressions and buying history, it ranks all your SKUs in order of the greatest buying propensity for each individual consumer. That’s not segmenting people — lumping them together like cattle — but instead nurturing and caring for them as a loved one.

However, unlike software that tailors a landing page, in the hope your consumer comes to you (instead of a competitor), SwiftERM sends each consumer their own unique product selection. If you have an ESP, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Emarsys etc, it works alongside it, to maximum effect. SwiftERM is essential for ecommerce growth. Being 100% automatic, offers independent retailers the opportunity to use it as a stand-alone. Every email unique to the individual receiving it.

This is big-data technology, delivering an average ROI in excess of 1500%. (Verifiable stats across all existing users). It runs either as a stand-alone or in support of an existing ESP. Predictive personalisation is the highest achieving Martech solution.

SwiftERM sits at the the top of the scale of highest performing Martech solutions

SwiftERM sits at the very top. No staff whatsoever are required at any time. This is a must have addition for all sites where consumers return frequently — Fashion, Grocery, Wine, Beauty, Pet-food, Cycling, Chandlery, Saddlery, Pursuits etc.

Without it, revenue from even your most loyal consumers, is being lost to your competitors. No staff, means maximum GP!

Consider this coming weekend. While you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine and your family, masses of data could be being captured and used for you. You don’t have to wait to push “send” to get the results. SwiftERM works 24/7 x 365.

A client looks at an item while you’re sleeping, but for being prompted the next day, a major ticket item sale is lost. Unless, of course, you install SwiftERM this afternoon, or better still get us to install it for free for you. This isn’t cart abandonment software, this is watching and learning what provokes each individual consumer to make their unique choices, it learns their likes, desires, aspirations and dreams — why they buy what they buy, when they buy — and then offers it to them.

You are invited to establish viability for your site with a zero risk, 30-day FREE trial. There is no lock-in, you can come and go as you please thereafter.

SwiftERM is a Microsoft Partner Company.




Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.

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David Swift

David Swift

Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.

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