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Most businesses consider choosing a platform as their business foundation. That’s absolutely right! Now, building an eCommerce website is not difficult, but if you start with a wrong eCommerce platform, it’s going to harm your business soon. But lets be under no illusion, these guys fight tooth and nail for your business, justifiably so, so there is much to consider.

What is a platform?

  • Audience building
  • Matchmaking
  • Providing core tools and services
  • Setting rules and standards

8 Key features of an eCommerce platform

  • Run on a single, unified platform: an eCommerce platform should provide natively unified eCommerce, accounting, POS, inventory, and order management, marketing, customer service, financial, merchandising on a cloud-based platform.
  • Offer a complete customer view: a good eCommerce platform should deliver consistent experiences, targeted marketing, and excellent customer service. All customer interactions and transactions should be in a single view across all the touchpoints and channels.
  • Intelligent order management: create the most convenient way for customers to purchase, fulfill, and return the products. Centralize the order management to maximize profitability. It’s optimal to have a single view of the inventory across all channels and units in the supply chain of your company.
  • Provide superior customer experiences: choose a platform that creates responsive, friendly, personalized and rewarding mobile, web, and in-store experiences for customers if you want to make your store stand out and live up to customers’ expectations.
  • Support bottomless expansion: fully support multiple business models, brands, channels, locations, currencies, and languages all on the same platforms.
  • Site security: if you’re a new store owner, terms like “PCI compliance” or “ SSL certificates” might give you a head-spinning. But you will be familiar with them soon. Choose a platform that offers an SSL certificate and PCI compliance to assure the security of your store and customer data it contains.

Why are eCommerce platforms important to brands?

  • A product management suite
  • Merchandising
  • Search capabilities
  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Personalize sales and services to your prefers

10 best eCommerce platforms in 2021


Magento Commerce

  • Versatile content management: The backend and content management interface comply with the rule “what you see is what you get” allow store owners to build and customize features on their online stores on the fly.
  • Mobile-friendly configuration: Magento user interface and shopping carts design are responsive to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Advanced search engine optimization: With SEO efficiency, it gives online stores have more opportunity to rank highly on search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.
  • Sturdy and spacious: The platform allows a site with up to 500,000 products, and handling 80,000 orders per hour.
  • Flexible third-party integrations: Magento enables your online stores to integrate with third modules or apps such as MailChimp, Google Shopping, and more efficiently.
  • Customizable security permissions: Magento supports you to customize multiple levels of security permissions, control internal access, and ensure your site’s safety.
  • Save time and money: Magento is open-source and several custom extensions that can share between multiple Magento users. Through one instance of Magento, you can manage numerous eCommerce stores with various languages and various currencies.


3DCart is a powerful and secure eCommerce software that has served over 22,000 online businesses in 20 years of service. The company dedicates to help online merchants build online stores that rank higher and sell more.

  • All-inclusive: 3DCart gives you everything you need for creating an optimized eCommerce store with customizable features including design, shopping carts, and more. Regardless of selling physical or digital products, you don’t have to add more eCommerce tools or services as hosting and domain names are available.
  • Customer-friendly: The platform supports you to create a website with the best customer experience. It allows you to use high-quality product images, and let your customers perform essential actions on your website.
  • Synchronized: 3DCart is flexible for selling on social media, multivendor marketplaces, and other channels.
  • Secure: 3DCart is completely secured with sitewide HTTPS, PCI Certification, two-factor authentication, and anti-fraud tools. Your customers’ data will be safe on your site, which stimulates customers’ trust and sales.
  • Scalable: The platform supports all size businesses and handles unlimited traffics and sales with built-in or integrated CRM software.
  • Reliable: With 99,94% uptime, 3DCart is confident to keep your website away from downtime and low-speed. You can look forward to flawless and seamless user experience.


BigCommerce is famous for the world’s leading cloud eCommerce platform. The platform is also known for its low total cost of ownership and highly flexible APIs.


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that enables merchants to turn their WordPress sites into online stores freely and also offer additional paid features and integrating options to streamline the functionality of the shopping cart.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud






Quick eSelling


  • The platform you choose must ensure your website is constantly updated and managed
  • Choose a good web hosting
  • Intuitive and seamless payment processors and shopping cart
  • Good for customer service and user experience
  • Ensure security for your site and customers’ data

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