Understanding Impressions in digital marketing — SwiftERM

Impressions In Digital Marketing

  • Pay-per-click impressions, measured against actual clicks
  • Number of times a meme appears on social media
  • On-site views of internal calls-to-action
  • Access of graphic materials through third-party sites, such as Pinterest or Google Image Search

Served Impressions

Viewable Impressions

  • Ad-blocking software
  • Screen resolutions too small for the ad to appear onscreen.
  • Users scrolling down before the requested ad has loaded.
  • Broken plug-ins preventing content display.
  • Mobile incompatibilities such as desktop-only websites.
  • Minimised browser windows.
  • User movement between different applications.
  • Pages loaded in background tabs then never accessed.
  • Non-user interference, like malware cloaking ad

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David Swift

David Swift


Founder & CEO of SwiftERM the personalization SaaS. Microsoft partners.